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The only right answer to this question is – when you know the moving date! There is no need to delay making this decision because you might lose your preferred moving date. Good and smooth moving requires a detailed planning, so make sure to have a to do list.

Yes! Professional movers can move you no matter the weather conditions. Of course, if there is a tornado, they probably won’t be able to. But when it’s raining, they will just use extra protection for your belongings in order to double protect everything from rain.

If your chosen local movers have their own storage unit, they can definitely store your items. However, if that is not the case, they might store your possessions in their warehouse for a day or two, but that is something that depends on a moving company. It is always the safest to get a storage unit for your belongings. 

Whatever you are using to pack up your personal belongings will be moved by local movers – boxes, bins, bags, suitcases etc. It is completely understandable and recommendable to save some money on boxes when there are so many items around the house that you can use for packing.

Tipping anyone for a good and smooth service became a part of our culture. You are not obligated to tip your movers because they are getting salary from a moving company, but it is a nice gesture. How much to tip the movers is something no one should affect. You get to choose what is the suitable amount for you.

The most simple and safest way to hire movers is to ask someone who moved recently to recommend their local moving company. If that is not the case, you will have to do research on your own. The Internet is your best friend when it comes to local moving, so use it. There are many local moving companies and their websites, reviews and comments. So take a deeper look into it.

This is a question to someone who is experienced and who gathered more information about your move – your sales representative. Sales representative should be someone you can trust and they are there to advise you on everything related to your move, including the number of movers. 

Hiring a professional and licensed moving company comes with trained movers and minimal chance for damages. However, every licensed moving company has moving insurance included in the price. It is basic coverage, but you can get third party insurance if you wish as well.

Every professional movers can offer you packing assistance as well. Just ask your sales representative to explain the difference and check if there is any additional charge for that. 

Unfortunately, not every moving company is a licensed one. That is why you have to be extra careful when it comes to your local move and you need to double check who you are hiring to handle your belongings.