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How to prepare for your upcoming local move

How to prepare for your upcoming local move

Local moving is often underestimated because of the short distance between locations. But don’t let that fool you because local moves can be equally complicated and if you are not prepared for what is coming you might have a local moving from a nightmare. That is why we prepared a guide for you, so you can have a smooth and seamless relocation that you deserve. 

  • Write, write and write

Good plan needs to be written down so you don’t forget something. Make different to-do lists so you can know what you need to buy, prepare and do. This way you will ensure that your local move is done in a smooth and safe way. 

  • Do a research of local moving companies

Before making a final decision, you need to do proper research. It is not enough to type on your Google search local movers near me, you should dig a bit deeper. Check their websites, reviews and see if you can get more information on a side. If you have someone who can recommend their professional movers, even better. First-hand experience is always the best one. 

  • Set your moving budget

You probably have an idea how much you are ready to spend on your local move, but only after you call a few places you will be able to make a proper moving budget. Be realistic when it comes to this and don’t expect to have quality local movers for a bargain. 

  • Reserve your movers in time

Don’t wait until the last moment to book your local moving company because you might lose the spot for your perfect moving day. And if that is the only moving day that you can relocate your belongings, so you will have to use different moving company rather than the one you wanted to use. 

  • Start packing ahead 

Packing is the most important task when it comes to your local move, because it determines the course of relocation. If your packing is done properly, your move will be smooth, that is the rule number one. Unless you are using packers and movers, you will have to start packing in time. First step is to make piles of your belongings to see what you have there and based on that to make a plan of action. 

  • Declutter

Local moving is a perfect opportunity to get rid of the belonging that you are not using! That is why you have to make three lists of belongings that you have – items that you are keeping, selling and donating. The ones that you are donating you can take them to Goodwill. If you want to sell anything, organize a garage sale, it will be fun and useful at the same time.  

  • Label boxes properly 

Labeling boxes will help you when unpacking. You can also leave notes to your movers what needs to be handled with extra care or what side goes up or down. When you label your boxes, you can ask your movers to put boxes in the appropriate room. 

  • Have a babysitter for a moving day

A moving site is quite a dangerous place for young kids and pets as well.  That is why you want to have someone taking care of them throughout the move. It is dangerous for your movers as well, because you don’t want to have your little ones running around their legs while they are carrying heavy furniture around. 

  • Make a layout of your new home

Moving to your new home is at the same time exciting and stressful, because there is so much to organize, but moving to a new home is a fresh start. That is why you want to plan how your new home will look once you move there. So make a layout of your new home before you get there with movers. Not only will it make you feel like home, but you will save time and time is money, especially during the local move. Most of the local movers are charging hourly rates, so you don’t want to lose your time on them rearranging your furniture. 

  • Set utilities in your new home

Another thing that will make you feel like home is to set your utilities early. This way, you will have everything ready for the night that you move in. 

  • Check if something is left behind

Double check if your movers left something behind before you leave your home for good. See if they loaded everything onto the moving truck. Also, if you are leaving some furniture pieces check if you took everything from the drawers, dressers etc.